• NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA; Summer 2023)
  • University of Toronto Excellence Award for Natural Sciences and Engineering research fund (UTEA-NSE; Summer 2021)
  • Samuel Beatty Scholarship - University of Toronto Scholar (departments of Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics; Sep. 2020)
  • CPS Summer Scholarship, University of Toronto; Centre for Planetary Sciences research scholarship (Summer 2020)


Spherical geometry convection in a fluid with an Arrhenius thermal viscosity dependence: The impact of core size and surface temperature on the scaling of stagnant-lid thickness and internal temperature

Pejvak Javaheri, Julian P. Lowman, and Paul J. Tackley

Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, Vol. 329, April 2024, 107157, doi:10.1016/j.pepi.2024.107157.

WHFast512: A symplectic N-body integrator for planetary systems optimized with AVX512 instructions

Pejvak Javaheri, Hanno Rein, and Dan Tamayo

The Open Journal of Astrophysics, Vol. 6, July 26, 2023 IST, doi:10.21105/astro.2307.05683 (arXiv server link).

Research Experience

Summer Research, Centre for Research in Earth System Science (CRESS), University of Toronto Scarborough

Implementation of continents in high-resolution three-dimensional mantle convection models

Online webpages: UofT Research Revealed Gallery; Supervisor: Prof. J. Lowman

Research Assistant, Dept. of Physical and Environmental Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough

Exploring the impact of dense material on the formation of stagnant-lid in an Earth-like mantle

Supervisor: Prof. J. Lowman

Summer Research, Centre for Planetary Sciences (CPS), University of Toronto Scarborough

Modelling mantle convection with an Arrhenius rheology in spherical annuli

Online webpages: Page 1, Page 2; Supervisor: Prof. J. Lowman


2023 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU), Banff, Alberta

Solid Earth section, oral presentation (May 10, 2023).

Title: Spherical shell geometry convection in a fluid with an Arrhenius viscosity: the impact of core size on the thermal structure of terrestrial bodies. Link to abstract

Authors: P. Javaheri (presenter), J. P. Lowman, and P. J. Tackley


Technical service representative at Compugen Inc. (Headquarters; Richmodel Hill, ON).